Fossa Eugenia


Fossa is a cooperative by and for growers who sustainably produce healthy fruit and vegetables year-round. It aims to collectively sell its products and assist customers to do so successfully, so that consumers can enjoy its healthy and high-quality products, in order to achieve a healthy return for its growers.

To achieve this, Fossa has identified the following three areas for attention between 2019 and 2023:

  1. Strengthening the supply chain;
  2. Strengthening the product range based on new Product Market Combinations;
  3. Stimulating sustainably produced fruit and vegetables.

Planet Proof

‘On the way to PlanetProof’ indicates that products have been produced in a more sustainable way and are better for nature, the environment, the climate and animals. 



Since its foundation in 1995, Fossa Eugenia has aimed to be a frontrunner in terms of quality, environmental protection, safe food products and a safe and pleasant working environment.



In our corporate brochure your find, among other things, information about our vision, characteristics and results, composition, key figures, CSR principles.