Human, society & environment

Ever since it was founded back in 1995, Fossa Eugenia’s goal has been to lead the way in quality. We have made a great deal of progress over the years in terms of reliable quality, environmental protection, food-safe products, and providing a safe and pleasant working environment for the employees who work with our growers to achieve these goals.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is becoming more and more important worldwide, and producing and marketing fresh fruit and vegetables as sustainably as possible is our ultimate objective.

CSR implementation and the Self-Declaration

In 2014 Fossa Eugenia drafted the first Self-Declaration ISO26000. With this self-declaration, the organisation supported and elaborated on the choices made with respect to its social responsibility. The self-declaration, priorities matrix, stakeholder analysis, and action plan will be assessed and revised annually.

In general it’s true to say that our growers’ union and its stakeholders have increased their awareness both of CSR issues and the concrete interpretation of these. The growers are closely involved in this. Concrete successes in the past two years include:

  • Carrying out annual GRASP audits of all associated growers. Following the audits of the past two years, our growers have increased awareness and implementation of health and safety for their employees. The growers will implement improvement measures from the audits within a year.
  • Production of BIO vegetables and herbs is growing annually.
  • PlanetProof certification obtained by 100% of its members.
  • Communicating CSR with customers, including various retail chains.

The Self-Declaration is annually recognised by NEN (the Dutch standardisation institute) as being complete and in compliance with the ISO26000 standard. This will be confirmed by publication on the platform set up for this purpose (https://www.nen.nl/Normontwikkeling/Publicatieplatform-ISO-26000.htm). The current Self-Declaration can also be downloaded from the Fossa Eugenia website.