A healthy basis

The value that Fossa Eugenia attaches to quality is ingrained in the DNA of the growers. As an additional guarantee, the growers group has joined various certification bodies. This means there are intensive internal and external product controls.

Triple quality guarantee: quality, environment, purity

The continuous efforts for quality, environment and purity have been confirmed since 1997 by certification with the "TÜV quality seal for high-quality vegetables". In addition to the periodic TÜV examinations, Fossa Eugenia's products are also permanently inspected by Agro Quality Support quality inspectors. However, the most important product assessment takes place daily on the market. The best quality guarantee for Fossa Eugenia's products can be derived from this: Your assessment.


In addition to unannounced TÜV inspections, all Fossa Eugenia growers are tested weekly by quality inspectors from Agro Quality Support (KIWA AQS)


Since 2012, Bio Brothers and Especia are the first producers of growers association Fossa Eugeniana, BIO certified by SKAL. Fossa Eugenia is also BIO certified.


Since 2010, Fossa Eugenia has been certified according to the IFS Broker Standard and can therefore deliver directly to German chain stores.


GlobalGAP is the overarching
European umbrella standard for quality and food safety in the primary production of agricultural
products intended for human consumption.


All growers who are affiliated with Fossa Eugenia are ISO 9001 certified. This ISO certification sets high demands for the quality management system used. 


In order to be able to offer German customers a quality guarantee as well, the growers of Fossa Eugenia are QS certified in addition. 


The independent label ‘On the way to PlanetProof’ indicates that the products customers buy have been produced in a more sustainable way and are, therefore, better for nature, the environment, the climate and animals.


TESCO’s Nurture Standard was designed for primary production growers who supply their products to TESCO (UK). 


Fossa Eugenia has a product quality management system that meets the RIK requirements (Internal Quality Control Regulation).


GRASP stands for GLOBALG.A.P. Risk Assessment on Social Practice