Our vision

Fossa Eugenia is a cooperative by and for growers who sustainably produce healthy fruit and vegetables year-round. It aims to collectively sell its products and assist customers to do so successfully, so that consumers can enjoy its healthy and high-quality products, in order to achieve a healthy return for its growers. 

To achieve this, Fossa has identified the following three areas for attention between 2019 and 2023:

  1. Strengthening the supply chain;
  2. Strengthening the product range based on new Product Market Combinations (PMCs);
  3. Stimulating sustainably produced fruit and vegetables.

As part of the “Strengthening the supply chain” focus area, Fossa is considering, among other things, direct supply to and intensive cooperation with various retailers in order to remain or become the preferred supplier. The aim is to supply 50% of our products directly to these retailers by 2023 (versus 38% in 2017). Fossa aims to achieve this by, among other things, focusing on the further development of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI),  data analysis and article information, the use of category management, etcetera.

 Fossa expects these efforts to result in greater efficiency both for Fossa and in the chain, to ensure the right product arrives on the shelf at the right time. Fossa also wants to make the consumer more aware of the properties of the products they buy in terms of composition, health and sustainability. 

Fossa also wants to make more use of the loading and packing station where a part of the Fossa products is collected or prepared for delivery. Fossa expects direct delivery to retailers to make the delivery process even more efficient. 

As part of the focus area “Strengthening the product range on the basis of new PMCs”, Fossa is thinking of growth in terms of volume (expansion of acreage) and price of the product range. Fossa’s activities in this area will include broadening its assortment (more different products and different and market-oriented sorting and packaging), year-round production, sustainability and quality, finding new customers in existing markets and opening up new markets. All this will be supported by promotion used to further position Fossa products in the market.

In the context of the focus area “Stimulating sustainably produced fruit and vegetables”, Fossa is considering, among other things, reducing the use of fossil fuels by using 2nd screens, buffer tanks, organic crop protection, quality labels and reducing the use of crop protection agents and nutrients by investing in machines for precision fertilization, etcetera.